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We created this site to give a place for the fans of West Coast Conference schools to discuss all things WCC. As a number of sports commentators have noted over the last couple of years, the WCC is one of the hottest up and coming conferences in the country. With a strong ESPN TV deal, several nationally recognized basketball powers, and a history that includes basketball all-time greats Bill Russell, John Stockton, and Steve Nash, the WCC is one of the Top 10 Basketball Conferences in the nation. We noticed that most of the other top basketball conferences in the country have their own forum, and we thought that WCC fans needed a place where they could interact without going to the opposing team’s message boards. So here it is! This is brand new (as of September 2013) so we will likely have a number of things to work out. Suggestions are welcome!

We aren’t going to try and compete with our friends at West Coast Convo or WCCsports.com in terms of putting out content, but we have a couple of experienced sports writers associated with WCCBoards.com, and we will hear from them from time to time. No matter the school, we are all in the same conference, which happens to be a conference where all of the members are religiously affiliated Universities to one extent or another, so let’s keep it clean and classy. With that, we hope you enjoy the board!

National Championships by Current WCC Schools

YearSport School
1949*BasketballSan Francisco
1949Men's TennisSan Francisco
1949Men's SoccerSan Francisco
1955BasketballSan Francisco
1956BasketballSan Francisco
1966Men's SoccerSan Francisco
1970Men's Track and FieldBYU
1975Men's SoccerSan Francisco
1976Men's SoccerSan Francisco
1978Men's VolleyballPepperdine
1978Men's SoccerSan Francisco
1980Men's SoccerSan Francisco
1981Men's GolfBYU
1984Women's CrewLoyola Marymount
1985Women's VolleyballPacific
1985Men's VolleyballPepperdine
1986Women's CrewLoyola Marymount
1986Women's VolleyballPacific
1986Men's VolleyballPepperdine
1989Men's SoccerSanta Clara
1992Men's VolleyballPepperdine
1997Women's Cross CountryBYU
1997Men's GolfPepperdine
1997Men's Water PoloPepperdine
1999Men's VolleyballBYU
1999Women's Cross CountryBYU
2001Men's VolleyballBYU
2001Women's Cross CountryBYU
2001Women's SoccerSanta Clara
2002Women's Cross CountryBYU
2002Women's SoccerPortland
2004Men's VolleyballBYU
2005Men's VolleyballPepperdine
2005Women's SoccerPortland
2006Men's TennisPepperdine

*From the late 1930's until the late 1940's, the NIT Champion was regarded as the legitimate National Champion in Men's Basketball. From the late 1940's until 1954, the NIT Champion and the NCAA Champion were both regarded as National Champions which resulted in "Co" National Champions every year during that time, except in 1950, when the City College of New York became the only school to win the NIT and NCAA tournaments in the same season. For this reason, the 1949 San Francisco team, and the 1951 BYU team are rightfully regarded as National Champions, as the media of the day proclaimed they were.

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